Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Try it on Tuesday - fabric fun and alter it week

Been dying to show you this baby! I saw the pattern in simply homemades 1st issue and just knew I would have to have a go. So when Angela chose Fabric fun as this weeks theme - perfect opportunity!
This used to be a pair of my sons jeans - which were split at the crotch rather irreparably but perfect to try this out. A great alter it project!
The other material is 2 fat quarters I just had around the house.
so here it is a jeans bag. Now if I were making this again I would make some modifications to the instructions but I am actually thrilled at how its worked out.
Now this post is scheduled but I have seen some of my team mates work already which is pretty awesome but check out our 8 year old guest designer - wow she is a seriously talented crafter. Stop by Try it on Tuesday and have a look!
Have a great day x


  1. Oh wow, Janet! That is brilliant!

  2. Having seen this in person, - it really is brilliant and very creative! You are soooooooo very clever Janet!


  3. Fabulous Janet!!
    Hugs xx
    p.s. birthday giveaway on my blog.

  4. Ha! That is a fabulous bag Janet!! And you just reminded me what I was SUPPOSED to be doing today, instead of which I was out shopping, Doh! :D XXX

  5. Janet what a great idea - looks good. Anne

  6. oh janet! what a funky kewl bag! that is so creative and you rawked this challenge!


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