Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Friends I have the best kind :0)

Had a fabulous day today with 2 entirely seperate sets of friends. But before we even set off I did 2 hours at work 7-9 and at 8-50am had an awful vertigo attack. I suffer from Menieres disease so need to be really careful bending down stretching up etc that I dont move suddenly - well this morning I forgot and did both which launched me into a sudden and extreme vertigo spin - I was in the laundry at work hanging onto the sink like mad as I felt like I was going to fall over! Thankfully it passed after 20/30 sec but it left me feeling really shaken. Finally got home at 9-30 just in time for the girlies to pick me up.
Picked up the stampin up order from last weeks party then set off to Kanban. Some new stuff in and lots we could not touch (presumably from last weeks tsv)but I got some fabby stuff for the atc meet so Im well pleased!
Then to the bacon butty van! We crafty girls like to live in style and so we have found a couple of bacon butty vans near our fav crafty shops. the ladies in this one are always soooo cheerful and chatty - we love stopping there!
Then on to Bits and Bats. I wasnt sure what to expect but this was like a very untidy aldi/lidl for haberdashery! I got some amazing buys - 25 metres of cream lace £2-50. 20m of pale blue lace £2-00 - some fab 8"by8" canvases for 85p each - and buttons and embelishments galore for pennies. A real Alladins cave! We all bought different things then shared them out - as the quanities were large in the first place. We have all got some fabby buttons, buckles and dangly embelishments now not to mention ribbon, threads and bead boxes!
After that we decided we couldnt face the next shop as we would have been in sensory overload so Bombay Stores has yet to be explored. After getting lost a few times we found the Costa coffee shop (which was rather busy)and paid a visit to the huge Tesco in Bradford to buy A5 folders for stamp sheets. Bargain price of 57p per folder, 75p for 50 plastic sleeves and 35p for the dividers. Wow what a brill day with lots of bargains and great company x Thanks gals xx
Then this evening I have been out with Shan, Janet, Sue and Cynthia - old friends from my childcare days not so long ago. Had a lovely time catching up (we last went out in May last year!)gorgeous meal at the narrowboat in Skipton a lovely end to the day.
Tomorrow my youngest son has an audition at Goldsmiths in London - scary stuff that he may get a place there - its been hard enough with the eldest in Bangor but James in london too! How I wish for the sleepless nights, the painting all day and building train layouts with Brio - at least I knew where they were! So I will be on pins all day tomorrow hoping it all goes well for him as its what he wants - not easy being a Mummy is it?
Im off to bed now as am up again for another early shift - lets hope I dont go all in a spin again!
Just before I go Jenni a little bit of me - your blog candy was posted first class today hope you enjoy it x


  1. You've had a great day out by the sound of it! Hope all goes well for your son

    Jill x

  2. Sounds you haad a really great day after a shaky start!!!
    Oh I would have loved to be among that shopping party - I love a bargain!!!
    Hope all goes well for your son though it must be hard when they fly the nest ! Let us know the outcome.
    Sue x

  3. What a worring start to the day!! glad you are ok tho.

    As for the rest .. WOW what a day and half,sounds like you had a perfect crafting day. with some super girls.
    I hope all goes well for your son today. Nope not an easy task is it to not worry what your Children are upto.

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing day.
    Good luck to your son...I went to Goldsmiths myself...and loved my years there.

  5. What a fab day you had...and i had to miss it :( good luck to your youngest, hope it works out x

  6. Sounds like you had a great day even thought the day didn't start too well. Hope everything works out for your son.


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