Thursday, 28 May 2009

Well I have just

managed my 2 days at work this week without falling over and doing something daft! My black eyes are fading - just looks like ive been up half the night lol. Only my wrist thats still bothering me.
Meghan (my daughter) and I are going for a half term girly treat tomorrow. Massage? makeover? shopping trip? well maybe some of the latter but we are off to Art from the Heart for the craft day. Im making a memories frame and Meghan is doing the canvas that i did earlier in the month or was it last month? She wants to do it for her teacher - some teacher pressie ehh? We girlies decided we would do something special just the two of us. Our first thought was the pottery painting place in town but that wouldnt last all day so we decided it would be more fun at Dys and last all day! Trouble is that was before I fell last week and now cant drive - whoops. So Tim is taking us there - we will be an hour early so hope it doesnt rain - and then coming back by train changing at Leeds before getting back to Skipton. So in the end we are quite right we will be busy all day LOL! Ill fill you in tomorrow!
Have a great day I know we will :0)


  1. Hope you have a super day tomorrow.xx Sorry to hear your wrist is still playing up. Thanks for stopping by my blog & for leaving a lovely comment. I wish you were in the swap too! (hugs)

    Does the train take long from Leeds? My children would love to go round the castle at Skipton but I've no car at the mo & I know we would have to travel to Leeds 1st.

    Have a super day tomorrow. Gez.xx

  2. Oh I bet you have a great day and the sun will shine you see!
    Can't wait to hear about it

  3. Ahhh. Janet you're sooo lucky having that lovely girl to have girly, crafty, outings with. Have a fab day and say g'day to Meghan for me. Jo x

  4. Hope things goes well for you. Just enjoy and have fun. Hope its sunny with you, it is sunny here.
    Kathleen x

  5. Have a lovely day Janet. I can't make it to Dyan's this weekend but I'll be looking out for a class to do very soon.

    Hope your wrist is better quickly.

    Weather looking good so far for the weekend.
    Saw Jose yesterday and she showed me her bingo board so I went home and made one! Lovely!
    (My "to alter" drawer is like an Aladdin's cave so I knew I had a little board lurking in there)

    Have fun

  6. I hope you and Meghan are having a lovely girlie day Janet, I wish I was there !!! I'll just have to wait until you show us what you made...See you soon,and thanks for the message of support about the NVQs, the candidates are really keen, and I'm looking forward to it too.

  7. Cyah at dyans!! im aiming to arrive 10:30ish


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