Saturday, 9 May 2009


James checked his uni status on Ucas last night and he has not been offered a place. He is Gutted and so are we as he wanted it so badly. Hes going to try for another course there but cant do anything until Monday. He said they told them they were looking for interesting people not necessarily already qualified in music. Hes worked hard this year to get his grade 8s in Piano and Guitar paying for all his lessons and exams (they are NOT cheap) so is devastated this has not made a difference to his application and ontop of that hes feeling he must be "Dull and Crap". Just to add insult to injury every audition for music courses costs £60 and it cost roughly £250 to go to London from here with the flights, extra insurance for his guitar etc add this to the other 3 x £60 auditions he has had elsewhere its not been a cheap exercise. So we are all feeling flat here today.
Hope your day begins much better x


  1. Oh nooooooo , and as you say he has worked so hard for this .. Well all i can say , they have missed out on a talented man.
    And i am sure where ever he goes, he will carry on working so hard. There is always a reason why ... maybe better things are to come his way!

  2. Ahhh Janet, so sorry to hear James' bad news. I hope he manages to get in somewhere else and that in time it'll turn out for the best. I had no idea these things were so expensive though. Big hugs to you all. Jo x

  3. so sorry to read your posy today - it must be really hard for you all!
    What can you say to someone who has tried so hard - I'm really sorry.

  4. Oh so sorry to hear about your son. A real downer. Can he get into a course through clearing? I hope he has some luck this way, hugs Pascale

  5. So sorry to read this Janet, you must all be completely gutted! All that work and dedication too, I can't believe he hasn't been accepted. Monday I hope will bring other opportunities for different courses to try for, that's all he can do, keep trying. Hugs from me. Chris x


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