Monday, 8 February 2010

I have been certified

I can now officially pratt around! Heres my fabby certificate!
Presented by the most fabulous tutor in the whole world!
I cant tell you how much i enjoyed this weekend and finally being able to "get" art journalling. Of course i cried - those of you who know me already know my bladder is too close to my eyes at the best of times but this was deep and touching tears of a healing kind.

Everyone on the course has gone and will continue to go on a rollercoaster ride of personel discovery and I feel blessed to be holding on tight for what will be an exhilarating ride of a life time. Dy is right this should be taught in schools - how happy would the Country be with well addjusted people being able to find a creative outlet for their worries, fears, joys and blessings.
It would save the NHS millions!

Here I am with Dy and My super friend and house guest Emma x

The ride was with the most fabulous people all on their own journey of discovery. Dy as always was the most fantastic tutor. Her unique way of sharing herself as well as filling every moment with knowledge is amazing. I can never grow tired of her workshops which are always jam packed with skills to transfer to all areas of crafting. Her knowledge and love of ranger products is also so infectious you cannot help but run to the shop to stock up on more goodies to play at home.
The kitchen fairy AKA Pam treated us to wonderful food as did all the ladies who brought treats! I ate far too much of the gorgeous Tablet! The survival packs of tissues and chocolate was really welcome - especially the tissues. My lovely friends Emma, Bee and Michelle - as always so special to spend time with such truly gorgeous people - inside and out. I was dithering about booking on the second weekend as I was over budget this month - so they arranged for the deposit to be paid so i can go back and do the second weekend with them - thanks so much Guys I really do love you all x
Dy you are a star - i shall keep my certificate her on my sidebar as a reminder that pratting about is a cool thing to do and may even preserve my sanity x

Hop here to visit a fab shop and check out Dys workshops for the coming couple of months x


  1. WTG Janet! The weekend sounds perfect! Just wish I was nearer.
    Sue xx

  2. All true Janet! I so enjoyed the weekend and the experience. I'll see you on the follow on weekend as I've booked too. Glad you got so much out of it.

  3. It was fabulous Janet wasn't it - loved it all - can't believe how quickly it went and how much fun we had!

  4. Very well put Janet - the weekend was just perfect and I can't wait till the next one! xxx

  5. Your weekend sounds wonderful Janet and what truly lovely friends you have!!


  6. You obviously had an amazing time and I so laughed at your "bladder being too close to your eyes" lol... what a way to relay that feeling...fabulous!!
    Chris xx

  7. Looks like you had a fab time with fab friends....perfect!

  8. Glad you had a great time Janet, you deserve it. Great company too by the sound of it!!

    Jill x

  9. Hi sweetie, it is always a pleasure to have you on one of my workshops, but I bet your mates would be soooo surprised at how quiet you are, lol. see you soon, love to your Mam xx

  10. Looks llike you have had a GREAT time...and I am sooooo green I would love to get a certificate for pratting about...cos I seeem to do that all day anyways LOL :O))


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