Monday, 1 February 2010

Craft Emporium

Check out the Sale at The Craft Emporium its fabulous - whoops I spent too much on stamps - there is a shock! Some brilliant ones though for journalling which will come in handy for some projects I have lined up for my crafty group!
They have been a fab sponsor of Tuesday Taggers in the past so thought Id share the news :0)
Have just worked 2 waking nights. They have been fairly quiet as my charges have slept and not been up half the night as they usually are! It has allowed me to craft as well! I have been making some quick and basic cards for the adult service centre as they are raising some funds by hiring the Town Hall for a sale. My sister, who has downs, goes there twice a week. I shall also have some baking to do before the 20th!
Anyway 80 cards in less than a week is going some - they are very basic as they are only selling them for £1 each so I didnt want to spend lots of time on them but they are all ok - Not my usual crafting but given the time span thats not unusual. Fingers crossed they help them raise more funds to carry on the support work.
Right am off for a nap - am back on an early tomorrow so need to make sure I can get some sleep but not too much that I will stay awake tonight!
This week is busy - Going shopping with Michelle and Averil from Malham after I finish work in the morning - craft shopping that is LOL Wed hair cut and late shift, Thursday packing card kits for another fund raiser for BHF with Michelle and Elaine then Emma is arriving to do a stampin up party at Craft club. On Friday - Sunday Emma, Michelle, Bee and I are meeting up to do a beginners art journalling course at Art from the Heart phew I need to go to bed from thinking about all that lol. Always love Dys courses - really you should try and do one sometime it will be worth it!


  1. Wow Janet! What a busy week - I'm tired just reading about it!
    Well done on all the cards.
    Sue xx

  2. Goodness Janet you are going to be busy this week. Must say though that it all sounds like loads of fun just wish I could join you. Have a great week & thanks for info.
    Love, Pat xx

  3. Wow Janet = you've got a busy week ahead of you!
    x Michelle


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