Thursday, 4 March 2010


Yes we got there! Wowzers is all I can say really! It was full to the brim of all my favourite goodies and some real crafty bargains for you bargain hunters1
Look at all this stock a crafters paradise - its not what to buy more of what to leave behind LOL

Here is the lovely Glenda who indulged us taking a photo - Poor lady probably wondered who these mad Yorkshire women were LOL.

The staff were sooo friendly I could not believe how helpful everyone is. There is no cafe but a fab kitchen round the back where someone will make you a drink for a small donation to a charity (cant remember the name but was similar to Parkinsons disease) How kind is that?
So will def be back for their open day in April if I can beg a lift off my pal Michelle :0)
Will post pics tomorrow of craft class - it went sooo well wait till you see their fabulous creations!


  1. Wow Janet! Crafting heaven!
    Sue xx

  2. Lovely to meet you Janet, glad you enjoyed the shop. I also got your comment about challenges and will follow that up (eventually ...!)


  3. Hi Janet
    A fabulous day wasn't it, great to see Georgy girl and to visit that wonderful craft store!
    Def will have to go again soon.
    x Michelle


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