Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mini Eagle and cupcakes!

Okay I admit this isnt an eagle at all! Its a small gift for a friend I am visiting today with buddy Michelle and we are also going to visit Graphicus - Wow never been there before - Im taking the camera so i can share. However back to the eagle......
Most people who know me now realise Im more than a bit deaf and can make up a conversation in my own head about what you have said simply from the little snippets I think Ive heard! This was one occasion.
Michelle and Emma were having a converstaion about what I thought was a mini eagle - I asked what did they mean - " you know you've got one too" said Michelle - I racked my brains "no I have No mini Eagles at all!" Not eagles Michelle said EASELS! LMAO I cant live it down now - so Emma brought some mini eagles for me last weekend and Ive decorated one up for Georgina who Im visiting today - Yes its the butterfly beauties again and adirondack inks.
The glossy accents looks a bit glarey in the pic but its not so in your face in real life!
We have a few birthdays at craft club over next week or two - Debbie is 25, Michelle is 50 and Bee well I wont say but its not a biggy LOL! So made these cupcakes with love to celebrate tonight - they are a fab bunch of ladies - always game for a laugh and a challenge even if they dont want to be too adventurous they soon come round to play and surprise themselves - although Josie I do believe we need to do some stitching soon!! (Josie hates the paper stitching i love so much - she does it under protest but is always happy with what she has made :0) )
Have a great Thursday x


  1. Lovely! I just bought a mini eagle too! Been trying to decide what to do with it. Thanks for the inspiration! x

  2. I love my eagles and I love my ever so slightly deaf friend. You nutter. Emma xx

  3. i am in love with my mini eagle my friend and consider myself very lucky,luv georginaxx


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