Monday, 22 March 2010

Hi All

Well I am back from our first ever Craft retreat and it went brilliantly - Hmmm except I was full of cold all weekend!
17 of us stayed overnight with 2 day visitors at the wonderful Beamsley project just outside Skipton. Fully equipped for disabled people it was a perfect venue for relaxing and crafting.
We went to the Great Northern Papercraft Extravaganza on Saturday which sadly was not as good as previous times. It was crowded and some people were frankly really rude - pushing and shoving - which spoilt the whole thing for me.
I couldnt get into The Stampman but did manage to wave at the lovely Jill. Nor could I get into Clarity stamps so didnt even try. I actually only bought from Art From The Heart which really I can do any time.
So I bought 3 lots of UTEE to play with my melt pot. 3 paint dabbers salmon, mountain rose and red pepper, the gorgeous box feet from Tim Holtz and some mould and pour to make my own melt pot moulds.
To be honest after half an hour I had had enough! Did meet up with fabulous people - especially Clare from Horners Corner and my God Mother - Auntie Anne minus her teeth - wow that was scary lol!
Anyway back to the weekend. The rest of the time ws spent crafting and chatting, sharing techniques and ideas and getting to know folks a bit better.
here are some of the folks with blogs
In fact Michelle held a blogging class on saturday night so this list may expand!
We had a wonderful weekend and will definately do it again - I will keep you all informed of the dates!
Hopefully I will have pictures to share during the week so keep popping back to have a peep!
have a brilliant Monday!


  1. Glad you all had fun on the weekend, next time i shall be on it too!! If my MoT hadnt run out and tax disk i would have had the cash to play out.

    The show was pretty poor, stalls and stalls of cheap and awful quality products, usually i get home around 5pm on a show day, this year i was home by 2..... Was good getting to say hi to everyone tho!! and meeting Glenda from Graphicus was good, i think her stall was in a bad position tho but good for me i got to have a 10min chat haha!!

    Cyah later

  2. I had a fab time too. Can't wait for the next one.

    Emma xx


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