Friday, 1 July 2011

Rockin my world Friday!

Well what a week ! work, home, freecycle its been manic - I think thanks goodness its friday is a good way of describing how I feel! Still I am ready to rock with my fellow Rockettes and our Queen rocker Virginia at the celtic house.

First of all I am grateful to have my family and friends - I love them all dearly and without them my life would be so empty. I have particular friends on my mind this week who at the moment don't have much to be pleased about but as my focus is on Grateful - I am so pleased to have met them - you know who you are - special friendships are hard to find and sometimes hard to keep but with this pair its no effort at all. I simply love them to bits and am so glad they are in my life. Huge hugs special people.

The weather has been so lovely this week - especially the cooler ones towards Friday - I live in a beautiful place in our wonderful country and should take time to appreciate it much more.

Facebook - yet again I have found myself feeling happy to be there. This week my friends and oh so may acquaintances on there helped do something very very special. A project called Purple Patch Arts, which my sis Amy attends successfully secured funding of nearly £60,000 to set up a project called changing minds which will focus on giving people with dementia meaningful, artistic and creative opportunities. All my facebook friends helped this happen by voting for them on Wednesday. the power of friendship has meant this project will go ahead and I know in my heart that each person who can be part of this will have a wonderful experience. Purple Patch arts are a quality service provider. my sister has grown in confidence and abilities in the last 2 years because of them - I will always be grateful for that.

I have loved drinking sparkling water this week so am very grateful for that - delicious on a hot day and calorie free too!

I am going to round this up by saying this is the first day of lovin' inks new venture. Michelle and I are so pleased that we have managed to bring together our stamping Club and our disabled ladies group on a fortnightly basis. This will bring lots of new challenges for us but tremendous excitement too. The groups both focus on high quality stamping - our challenge is to break it down into simple yet manageable steps. I am so happy this has happened and I just know everyone attending will have lots of fun as well as improving skills at each session. The future is really rockin!

Happy friday folks xx


  1. Wonderful list of gratefuls Janet - and you were quick off the mark! Thought I'd be first this week!lol
    Your new Lovin' inks venture sounds really good - good luck with it and do keep us updated with news.
    Hugs xx

  2. Lovely list there :)

    (your link from virginia goes to a may post btw but that didn't stop me searching.. you can't keep me away! lol)

    *big hugs* and it's great to hear about those ventures. I bet the 'service users' are very grateful and find it wonderful that people will take the time out to make their week wonderful . I know whenever I have taken part in something like that they have been over the mooon :)


    Hope comment made sense- bit tired but I wanted to post a comment

    G xxx

  3. Hi Janet

    What a great list this week. I always like hearing of successful and meaningful new ventures for others less able.


  4. Lovely list this week, Jnet. Purple Patch Arts sounds great, power to the people!

    Lovin' inks sounds good too, hard work but very rewarding I would imagine.


  5. 60'000 wow, thats certainly an achievement! what a fab bunch of people


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