Sunday, 31 July 2011

Style whats yours ?and please tell me whats mine!!!

Recently a commentor said they really liked my individual style which I am sure was a compliment but it has got me thinking.
I didn't think I had a "style" - I collect ideas and use them along the way - have no particular must use product (apart from ink) and play around with cute, vintage, collage etc dabbling and not mastering any. I go with what's in my head and easiest on my thinking on each project and have never thought I had a "Style" So i open myself out to comments - do I have a style? if so what do you think it is? on sharing that please tell me what your style is too if you think you have one - if you do why does that "style" please you so much.

I hope you can stay a moment and indulge my interest. Ii promise to visit every person who comments and check out your Style!


  1. Janet - I have been told also that my work is easy to pick out as it has a certain style - I like you do not know what that is, because I did not think I had a distinct one. So how about we both do stylish work! - Susan

  2. Be careful what you ask for! Followed you for quite some time now the first word that springs to mind is eclectic, with a tendency to girly often cute but with a dash of home decor elegance. You often surprise and delight.

    Me well you know my style already inky messy grungy & I like to eclectic as well.

    what an interesting exercise this is but then style of of the moment and changes day by day, have a good one. XOXO Zoe


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