Thursday, 14 July 2011

Rockin my world Friday

Hello there Rockers and Rockettes another Friday here again - we are fast hurtling towards Christmas!
So what to be grateful for this week

Well first as always my family - who this week let me trundle off on another retreat without a squeak of complaint - they know only too well how much these weekends of pure craftiness mean to me and they support me 100% thanks guys and gal x

Next has to be my Mum for looking after said family in the food department - I was not as organised as I should have been before went but she has looked after them well and kept them fed and watered.

There has to be a mention of the wonderful Claxby crowd who always make us so welcome. Kate and Barbara cook us wonderful food, keep us plied with wine in the evenings and generally are the hostesses with the mostesses thats for sure.

A special mention for Bee and Michelle who captured the snake - yes we had a visitor who was desperate to join in the stampin fun - a 2 foot long grass snake. I could not have removed it so i am glad they did!

And lastly for the gorgeous Pimms! We usually have mulled wine at Christmas Claxby so I thought I would take something summery to drink - we all felt very decadent with our glasses of Pimms, lemonade and fruit salad. Ahh the simple life.....

Just thought of another - Coffee with special people - had a quick (3 hour) coffee session with my fab pal Jae today - a chance to clear my head, shake off the niggles and celebrate in good news - Its good to talk :0)

Back later with more Claxby crafting until then folks have a fabulous day and join Virginia in her quest to get us all rockin at The celtic house!


  1. Ah you've had a busy week, the retreat sounds fun, the Pimms great the snake not so great but WTF Bee and Michelle for sorting the visitor out! A post full of family and friends - nothing finer to by thankful for on a Friday morning, hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend!


  2. A great post as always.... always enjoy reading it!!! ax

  3. A great week Janet. The retreat (and the Pimms) sound wonderful - although I too could not have touched the snake.
    And what a great family you have.
    Hugs xx


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