Saturday, 30 July 2011

Safe to post - they have arrived!

Next weekend my docraft forum atc buddies are having a meet at luffy - hosted by the wonderous Barjan. I have sent on a few atcs as well as a brak or two - any excuse to play with the bunting stamps! I just love sequin waste for atc backgrounds it gives such a rich and deep texture to it. the papers are scraps from the hen book I made back in May - see I do try and use up bits occasionally and this is 2 days in a row I have shared that - I am feeling frugal :0) (usually this is a bad sign and I go off on a spend - whoops did that yesterday!)

Today I am at York visiting my TioT teamie Angela and her gorgeous daughter Belle. sadly just as we have found this wonderful friendship Angela and Belle and dad are moving back to the states - i am going to be so thankful for the WWW and blogland me thinks.

hopefully I will have lots of art work to share as we dive into the treasure trove that is Angela and Belles work room - thinking about it maybe not there is nothing more fun than nosying in someones else's stash is there?
Hope you are having fun I KNOW I will be!

Janet x

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