Friday, 22 July 2011

Rocking your world Friday

Now I am hoping to sneak this post in before my little people arrive for the day - i am minding my niece and nephew as school broke up earlier in the week but Mum is still working. so a quick list of gratefuls

As always my family - for being there and loving me no matter what xx love you too guys xx

The vet - our cat came home with an injured tail earlier in the week - a visit to the vet and being relieved of £54 and thankfully he is much much better and has also forgiven me for holding him down whilst them examined and treated him - trust me our cat knows how to hold a grudge but he seems to have taken it well and we are rewarded with a happyish cat again:0) (he is usually a grumpy one anyway!)

New beginnings - as Jo heads off to pastures new work this does herald new changes at work - I am trying to remain positive and hold out that change can be a good thing and should be embraced - well that's today's theory anyway!

Friends - Tim and I are meeting with friends to celebrate a birthday tonight - we are lucky to have these lovely folks in our lives.

The summer holidays - i have always looked forward to the summer holidays from school even when the kids were little - its fab to have 6 weeks of taking things at a slower pace, rising when you like and choosing what to do. It begins today and our Megs will have the summer off - let the fun begin!

So there is my list ;0) stop by The Celtic house and share in the positives from the lives of a few - its uplifting and encouraging xx

Now onto a commission which I began at Claxby hoping to be inspired by the talented crafters around me!

Not sure if this was what was intended but my brief is an Italian coffee loving dad.

Papers by stampin up - distress inks and stamps by Kanban and crafty individuals. I used some sequin waste on the cream paper to get the mottled background. I do love corrugated card too - fabulous texture!
I decorated the inside to make sure the card balanced when stood up. I do hope it fits the bill!

Have a great Friday folks x


  1. Love that card Janet - texture, techniques and very masculine - I'd say it fits the bill.
    Great list too - I used to feel the same way about the summer holidays when DS was small. Enjoy!
    Hugs xx
    p.s. in case you haven't seen my Rocking post - I'm sending a package off to you today.

  2. Love the card, must use the stamp which I also have. Hope you have a good day with the wee ones. Hugs Bee

  3. Wow that card is awesome and I'm sure it fits the bill perfectly!

    Six weeks stretching out in front, hope your niece and nephew have had a great day with you!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend!


  4. I'm sure that card will fit the bill, it's superb!

    Great list this week. The school holidays are a wonderful break from normal life - let's hope we get some sunshine (although I'm not going to put money on it).

    Good to hear your cat is recovering, I wonder what he'd done?

    Have a great week!


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