Friday, 20 August 2010

still just about Friday Rockettes!

I am late this week - sorry about that but met up with an old friend today and time just ran away with us! So whats my list of being thankful for this week?
1) my pals hubby was taken ill on Wednesday - I cant say how happy I am he is ok but it was still a shock for them both x thinkin of you pals you know who you are xx
2) As always my dear family for being there everyday and making me scream, laugh and cry :0)
3) My sis for bringing me hot chocolate when she thinks Im feeling a little down - Amy you are a treasure x
4)Horses - I know this is a bit strange but my daughter Meg loves them and is tomorrow going on a pony camp! My idea of hell I have to say but she absolutely loves them. Her face is filled with contentment when she is on a horse and I feel so happy for her that she has found something so early in life that gives her that great big buzz. (We wont discuss the expense, smell or the fact the stables is out in the sticks and not easy to get to with me not driving lol)
5)Old pals - Had a lovely time with Jules today. We began as workmates 19 years ago and although she has not worked at the same place as me since 1993 we still fit together so well when we meet up to gossip and catch up. We also share the same love of everything Christmassy :0)

So hope on over to Virginias blog and check out the other Rockettes for Rocking your world Friday - it would be fab to see you there sometime x Janet


  1. A lovely peaceful list Janet. Old friends take some beating don't they ( I know you've visited my blog so understand)?
    Sue xx

  2. A lovely list Janet - glad your friends hubby is better and a work place colleague that's become a life long friend is something to cherish! Hope you are having a great weekend.


  3. A great list as always Janet. Good friends are the best!!!!!!


  4. You just can,t beat having your friends around you. They are indeed the best.


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