Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Tuesday Taggers - Inspired by a poem

Now as always when Michelle chooses our challenges there is a bit of thought that has to go into it and this week is no exception. I have racked my brains on this one and finally settled on a poem told to my Mum , then me and my brother and I have passed it on to my own kids - In fact my eldest at 3 used to tell this poem brilliantly full of the expression my Grandad introduced all those years ago. I think we even have embarrassing video footage of it LOL.

My Mum had to go live with an Aunt when she was small for a short time whilst her Mum was having her sister and Grandad read this poem or a version of it from a Nursery book on the train journey from Yorkshire to Essex in the 50's. When I was little this is what he could remember so it may have changed a little from the original.

" Three little pigs went out one day,
they said "we are too old to play
with faces washed and tails all curled
we'll seek our fortunes in the world"
The first little pig chose a cosy spot,
the wicked wolf he quite forgot
"I'll build a house of straw" he said,
he finished it and went to bed
The wolf came around in the dead of night,
and blew away that house so bright
and with his teeth so strong and big,
he gobbled up that little pig!
The second little pig built his house of gorse
so the wolf ate him up too of course
But the third little pig built his house of bricks,
and so the wolf was in a fix
He blew until he was cross and hot,
"I'll climb right down your chimney pot
and gobble you all up" he cried,
I do not like to be defied!
But the third little pig in his house of bricks
was up to all the old wolfs tricks
He took the lid off his stewing pot,
The wolf fell in it was boiling hot!
So the pig ate up the wolf instead
a very tasty dish he said!

The poem itself is not that exciting written down but if you say it with lots of expression making the sentances longer by speaking slowly its a fab poem and story for youngsters - well we loved it anyway!

So here is my project - digi image is from Mo Manning and I think it looks perfect for the Pig relaxing after the wolf has been taken care of!

I think this will be a birthday card for my Niece who is 5 in November. I have written the poem out on the back of the card (so my brother will be able to read it to her - he remembers the poem but has not memorised the whole thing as I did but there again he was only 5 when our Grandad died) * I am correcting this as my brother does remember the whole poem and has recitied it to them many times! Sorry Bro!*

Hope you have fun with this weeks theme - as you can see the poetry can be anything at all - just have fun. I really enjoyed revisiting some of my favourite poems especially those from AA Milne in Now we are six and When we were very young. My team mates have come up with some brilliant samples and poems do head on over and check them out!


  1. love your creation chickie! what a kewl image..and love that background!

  2. How fab is this little poem .. you had me sitting here really getting into it ..lol
    Such a lovely little card, and such a fab image. beautiful. I am not able to join in , but nabbed my oh lap top ( my comp broke at the mo) so anoyed big time. play along soon again xx

  3. What a lovely poem and a beautiful card Janet.
    The fab image suits it perfectly.
    Sue xx

  4. Brilliant hun! I used a song for mine - don't do poetry!
    Teri x

  5. Absolutely love it Janet!!!! luv Georginaxx

  6. Fantastic Janet, great poem and brilliant memories!

  7. Its brilliant, a lovely poem

  8. Lol love the poem and love your fabulous piece. what fun !!
    hugs June xxxxxx

  9. Janet I love it. Alfie lovew the bad wolf. I read this to him not long ago lol

  10. Susan and Darren26 August 2010 at 08:49

    What a beautiful card Janet, as always and very appropriate for Rebecca's card as Darren tells both children this story a lot and I recited it inbetween contractions when I was in labour with Rebecca - it helped take my mind off other things going on!!!! Darren didn't know the history of why he knew it so this is wonderful. x


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