Saturday, 27 June 2009

I feel good!

Just home from my shift which went really well. One of my colleagues asked how I was and I said I was ok if we didnt talk about it so thats what we did. Had lots of fun with the 3 Young people staying over the weekend and the staff team too. I felt really normal again so am soo glad I went back when I did.
Back again tomorrow and Monday and hope to be able to craft again - I had ideas buzzing in my head last night which is FAB - trouble is they were all Christmas LOL!
Hope you are having a great Saturday and its not too hot where you are. Think there will be lots of BBQs today!
Take care and thanks for stopping by xx


  1. Really pleased to hear that Janet, have missed the real you!!! Keep smiling
    x Michelle

  2. Sounds like you are feeling more positive xx Hope you have a great weekend and don't worry about your ideas being christmas mine are too!! They think I'm made at the craft den class!! lol xx

  3. glad the shift went well bee and dee xx

  4. So pleased to hear that your shift went well and that you are feeling more upbeat.

  5. So pleased to hear you are feeling a bit brighter.



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