Thursday, 25 June 2009

Kindness that has made my heart smile :0)

I had a visitor today. A lady I have never met or even talked to knocked on my door with these gifts. She and her OH were visiting Skipton so she thought she would bring the Rak from the Rak attack in person. She had also read I was not feeling good and was in her words "in the eye of a storm".

She had also been to see Jill at The stampman and asked where I lived (she had my address but as Skipton is a small town still didnt know where the address was really) Jill gave her directions and also a small gift as she too knew I was not too good.

These are the amazing works of art Carol Ann (my visitor) has given me - are they not just oustanding?

and this beautiful plant too.

This type of kindness is incredible and has made me feel truly blessed to be part of a most wonderful online community - Docrafts. So a huge Thanks to both Carol Ann and Jill for your thoughfulness which has lifted my spirits today xxxx


  1. oh Janet how wonderful was that hun so nice :O) do hope your feeling better soon.x

  2. Oh wow Janet, what a lovely surprise, arnt people just so kind ! :) Hope you're feeling a bit brighter ?

    By the way, i too read Twilight in 3 days, lol. I loved it so much i've ordered all the rest of the books from the library !

    Hugs Katy x

  3. How wonderful Janet
    x Michelle

  4. How good is this! there are so many good people out there. It's great to hear a story like this, makes everyones day a ittle brighter!!!
    Have a good weekend!!! Sue

  5. How lovely for you Janet. It's always lovely to get visitors and when they are a complete surprise, well there are no words. People are incredibly kind aren't they. Your gifts are beautiful.


  6. How wonderful Janet!
    Hope you're feeling better as each day goes by.
    This sort of thing restores your faith in human kindness.
    Sue xx

  7. Such a wonderful gesture which must have really given you a boost. Hope work went OK and that you are feeling better.
    Love Pat xx

  8. Sorry you haven`t been well,what a fantastic surprise to brighten your day.
    hugs to you

  9. What a really lovely gesture...and so pleased it cheered you up so much.


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