Saturday, 13 June 2009

Skipton Gala

Well the sun has shone on Skipton gala thanks goodness! This is a pic of the procession which sets off from near our house. The chap in the bowler hat is my brother and the lady in the long skirt carrying a child is my Sister in law. She is carrying my neice. My Nephew is to the right of my brother. The group they were representing is the local primary school which has under gone major works this last year to turn it into a Children's Centre. As it was built in Edwardian times this is why they chose this theme - like the family in Mary Poppins! Both my brother and I are School Governers and it is a priviledge to see the changes that have happened over the last year. Not everyone in the community has been supportive but I truly believe this is good thing for Skipton - as although it has a reputation for being affluent there are areas that really need extra support for families - I hope this is the beginning of a better future for Family life in my home town.

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  1. This looks like the best amount of fun, I hope you all had a great day, thanks for letting me know about the tuesday taggers win. I have been most unwell this week and this is the first time I have felt like doing anything. I hope they still want me, maybe next week would be better. Hugs Avril, still grinning ear to ear..


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