Monday, 1 June 2009

wow Im the Rak attack recipient for this month!

Over on the docrafts forum atc section the fabulous Jaybe (Ive showcased her work in an earlier post)runs the Rak attack club. Once a month a name is chosen by random and the recipient is showered with Rak (random acts of kindness) atcs from everyone in the club (roughly 100 members) and wow my name is up this month!
Thats certainly brought a smile to my face. The last few days have not been good. On Friday night I had THE MOST AWFUL vertigo attack i have suffered. It lasted 6 hours and had me a helpless wreck. Thanks goodness Tim was around and really looked after me as I could hardly move. Getting to the outside loo (I dare not climb the stairs) was a planned affair I was quite literally crawling. By 11pm I really wondered if I was going to have get Tim to ring the Doc but it then began to ease. I slept on the sofa totally exhausted. saturday I felt woolly headed but not too bad and most of sunday I was ok too then around 6pm it began again. Not as intense but I could not focus as everything was moving for about 4 hours. It was totally pants! On top of that the muscles in my sides hurt from all the wretching on Friday night (I was VERY Sick!)
I was on an early this morning 7-3 and not sure how it would be at all but everyone at work has been really supportive and I have managed a whole day with no attacks.
So the rak attack has really brought a smile to my face. On top of that my bessie has phoned today she is back from her hols so we get to play again on Thursday when its a crafty pal day at mine. I may have some Rak attacks too by then!
I did manage to make a Christmas card or 2 on Sunday - one for the winter wonderland challenge "O Christmas Tree" and one with a stamp I have not used before but its too dark to take pics now so I will post later.

week 3 on Tuesday taggers tomorrow - a brand new winner and the most gorgeous DT entries be sure to drop by for a looksie xx
Sleep well xx Janet


  1. Hiya Janet, oooh sounds an awful few days hunny and theres me moaning over a cold, I do hope things improve and you can rest up a little. Congrats on winning the rak attack. Joey.x

  2. Ohh Janet that sounds awful, is there nothing more they can do for you? Big ((((hugs)))) to you. Enjoy receiving all those ATC. Love Jo x


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