Saturday, 27 June 2009

It just wont be the same!

Ive followed this series from the very first episode. My daughter and I are avid fans and both have Robin Hood wallpaper on our computer. The humour has been so fantastic with some brilliant acting from Keith Allan and Richard Armstrong too but as all their characters are dead now what on earth is next?
Robin Hood without Maid Marion (Lucy Griffiths) was hard enough to watch but without Robin Hood (Jonas Armstrong)? Dont think I could watch it the same again!
Excellent series though and hope to see them all in future roles as exciting and spellbinding. I cried again and I thought my tears were done for this week lol. My Mum has always said my bladder is too close to my eyes!
Did you watch too?


  1. Aww Janet, you should have put a spoiler alert on, we're a bit behind you here!! Now I can't wait to see whats happened!!! lol. Glad you've had a good day at work too, keep your chin up. love Jo x

  2. We are all avid fans too Janet and have had the same conversation this morning. how can they carry on with all the main characters gone. Perhaps Much can lead them, he's so cute.



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