Monday, 29 June 2009

Im finding this blog hilarious!

Hilarious blog
Her way of writing is soooo funny. Warning though its not crafting!


  1. Oh thanks for passing that one on!! I've just had the best laugh I've had in ages!! Ive bookmarked the page.

  2. Just been to look, and you're right it is so funny. Thanks for pointing me in that direction - I needed a chuckle.


  3. Thanks for this! Haven't laughed so much in ages! Brilliant Blog!

    Teri xx

  4. Hi Janet, oh what a funny blog. Its had me giggling, i read the last 3 posts and have now had to become a follower so i can read the next one .. very very funny xx thanks for the link

  5. Janet, thank you so much for this link! My cat thinks I'm insane, I'm laughing so loud!

  6. cheers me luvverly for the link i nearlyy peeded my pants lol!!!!....was hilarious im going back for another read pmsl...just thinking makes me titter...i needed cheering up and boy is she s tonic....hugs sassyxxxx


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