Sunday, 7 June 2009

Managed to sneak on here quickly as girls are busy doing their own thing so here goes!

Received this award from yvonne so here are the rules

I must say Thank you to the person who gave it to me.

Thanks Yvonne xxxxx

I must tell you 10 honest things about myself

1) I am 42

2) I am a routund Lady (lol)

3) I have 3 kids and a cat

4) I have been married to Tim for 23 years

5) I am obsessed with crafting

6) I am also obsessed with craft buying (mostly stamps!)

7) I love my home even though it is no where near finished decorating wise I love living there.

8) I cry very easily

9) I am a "half full" person with my outlook on life

10) When I turned 40 I made a life changing decision and stuck to it - it was very hard, very emotional but I am on the other side and happier than Ive been in my whole life (even with vertigo!)

Now I must pass this on to 7 other fav bloggers.

So here goes








Hope you ahve a great day xxx


  1. Thank you Janet...shall give it some thought...hope you're ok ? xx

  2. thanks so much for passing this onto me hunny :O) I am chuffed.

  3. Hi Many Thanks
    Not sure if I just post the answers on our blog or do we need to copy anything.

  4. thanks honey will give it some thought and will sort out tomorrow.
    Emma xx

  5. Hello Clarky J! I found you while blog hopping and have really enjoyed your blog.

  6. Awww thanks for thinking of me!!! Love the new funky flowers stamp and what you have done with them, i need a demo of pro-markers in action i think!!


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