Saturday, 10 July 2010

All Boy- commission

Hi Bloggers I've been missing in action due to having a very sore back! It started through the night on Tuesday and I have no idea what I have done but I don't like it one bit!
Here is a very quick card I made as commission for someone at work. For a 6 year old boy with a love o all things boyish including spiders! these stamps are from a Halloween set bought from Baker Ross years ago. They dont stick to the acryllic block but have lovely images which i have used time and time again. This is all coloured using distress inks, letters by doodlebug - the lady who commissioned it loved it too so thats a bonus!
Hope you are all ok - cant sit at the computer much as it makes the backache worse! See you soon J x


  1. Smashing card for a boy!

    Hope your back soon sorts itself out and you find somewhere to be comfortable in the mean time (((Hugs))) xx Zoe

  2. This is a creepabulous cars Janet and the ATC pretty ace too!
    x Michelle

  3. Sorry to read of your back problem, hope your feeling well soon, love the spooky spider boy's card.

  4. This is a fab card Janet, love it. Annette x

  5. Brilliant card bet he loved it. Sorry you are in pain and I hope you soon get some relief.

  6. Stunning card, Janet. Love the cobwebs! Hope your back is getting better x

  7. what a boy card, it's cool Janet, luv Georginaxx


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