Friday, 16 July 2010

Rocking my world Friday

I missed last weeks post as my back was playing up I couldnt bear to be sat at the computer - so my first "grateful" has to be - My backs better!

The next - my family as I am about to abandon them yet again for a craft retreat! I love my jaunts with my crafty chums and my family never complain about me doing my own thing. I think secretly they are glad I have found my own "passion" as they all have their own - Tim (OH) music, Tom (eldest son) Reading - and boy I mean that we could furnish a library easily LOL, James (middle son) Jazz and Guitar, Meghan - horse riding so we are quite a passionate troup but not about the same stuff!
Work for giving me the next 6 days off - Hurrah!
Hop on over to The Celtic House to see the ever growing list of Rockettes sharing their world rockin moments with us x
Only a short list today as before I go the the retreat I have a proud Parent day. Our eldest Son Tom Graduates from Bangor University with a 2:1 degree in psychology. Tom has loved the whole learning experience of Uni and is planning further study when he can build up the funds (sadly he is a statistic at the job shop at the mo). So we set off as soon as I have my hair done to Bangor then tonight cross country to Claxby, Market Rasen to meet up with the pals who will be there already - make sure you save me some table space gals!!!
I'm going to be busy working on my Tuesday taggers project for next week as we have an exciting new sponsor offering a yummy prize! I have also some samples to make for next weeks open day at The Stampman so have my stamps ready to play!
On a totally different note My friend is having a really bad week as her Dad is seriously ill. If you can spare a moment to send some sparkly vibes for strength and love they are greatly needed.
Huge ((((hugs)))) my friend you are in our thoughts x Janet


  1. Pleased your world is better this week Janet and you have some lovely things planned - enjoy!
    Sparkles and (((hugs))) for your friend and some to spare for you too.
    Sue xx

  2. Love your list this week and can really empathise with your back problems.

    Have an amazing crafty time with your pals and brilliant, huge congratulations to your son :)

  3. Janet

    Have a fab tme at Graduation - such a very special occasion. Followed by a crafty retreat - even better. SOunds like the perfect couple of days to me you lucky thing!!

    Untiol next week!


  4. Ooooh, enjoy your craft retreat. Lucky you! Well done for clever son (obviously gets top brains from you). Keeping your friend in my thoughts,xx

  5. Hope you had good weather in Bangor and got some "proud Mummy & Daddy photo's" to share with us - sorry your back has been playing up hope it did not spoil your weekend and you got lots of crafting done - sending ((HUGS)) and prayers to your friend lv Liz


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