Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Catching up!

First I just want to let you know how excited I am to be co-ordinating a tag swap over at Tag You're it next month. I am an avid atc swapper and love the excitement of receiving other peoples work - I am also a tag person so to get the opportunity to swap tags is fantastic. All you have to do is follow the themes throughout June over on TYI then at the end mail them all to me I swap them and post them back out to you. Fabulous! You then receive 4 pieces of art through your door to inspire your own creativity! Your tags must be able to fit in an A5 envelope though so if you work big then keep this in mind LOL.
The weekend saw me at the Art Journalling weekend at Art from the Heart where Dyan shared tips on paint, ink and sprays, doodling, framing the page and use of stamps - hop on over to her blog to see the mess we made! It was a breakthrough for me as I was able for the first time to actually create in a book! Ive been making my art journal pages using a loose leaf and also on tags for some reason not able to work in a book LOL. I will try and upload some pages later.
I also had my special pal Emma to stay - we live so far apart it is lovely when we can get together and gossip, share tips and tricks and generally chat. I have to admit we were both quite shattered by the end of the weekend though! Emma bought me some Graphic 45 papers as a thank you and treated my whole family to a slap up chinese on Sunday night Yum Yum - Thanks Emma that was a real treat x The papers I am going to play with today. I will admit to anyone I am no domestic goddess. Since I found crafting there are so many other exciting things to do other than H*******K. the dust will be there tomorrow. Also I work more hours than I used to so my crafting time is reduced as well as my clean up time so I am going to make a wall hanging that reflects my status as a Non Domestic Goddess!
I also have a new baby card to make one of my followers has had a beautiful baby girl and emailed me some pictures of Daughter Vesna - she is absolutely gorgeous and so needs a welcome to the world card x
I am not stopping there either I have my Paris inchie for SCD to make, 9 atcs on the theme or wording for the running with scissors forum and a Christmas card or two for my other blog.
Gosh that list sounds really long I had better get on with it or it may be midnight before I get to bed LOL!
Hope your weekend was good and that the weather cheered you up x


  1. Wow Janet you've got some serious crafting to be getting on with! It was a lovely weekend wasn't it, it was lovely to catch up again and see so many from the original class! Hope you are having a good day, thank you for my blog comments! My troubles are definitely super kingsized duvet covers at the minute - but really all I want is a single sock on the line! Driving me mad all of it - so I'm off to craft!

  2. Lots of crafting to do there Janet! Yay! You're a girl after my own heart - I am no domestic goddess (and have the tag to prove it!lol). Life is too short to bother about a bit of dust!
    Enjoy yourself.
    Sue xx
    p.s. sounds like a great weekend.

  3. Gosh Janet, you HAVE got lots on the go! I like how you described making a baby card as a'welcome to the world' card! It was great to see you at Dy's, shame we only get little snippets of time to chat - too busy creating.... or shopping! x x

  4. Crikey Janet you are going to be a busy bee. Definately no time for the H word.
    Pat xx


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