Friday, 28 May 2010

Rockin my world Friday!

And so here it is Friday again and plenty to rock my world! Thanks for the inspiration Virginia!

1) This is day one of my holiday - I am not back at work until 7th june
2) Its pay day double hurrah!
3)We are going away for the weekend :0)
4) No 2 son is coming home!
5) Michelle is coming to play all day!
Now if you have never seen Rockin my world Friday then do hop on over to The Celtic House where Virginia writes always from the heart and reminds us there is much to be thankful for even those tiny details x
Onto some of the pages from The art journalling weekend at Dys. Ive uploaded them in the wrong order duh so this was no 3 working on borders and different ways to use them.

This was a choose a colour page then get bits of the colour from a magazine - I used a pre-prepped background but the green and orange work well especially when I found the butterfly to complete the page! This page is about sending our troops away to fight.

This was again using the border to frame the page and doodling to bring it together - this time using Dys downlads. I must have been feeling thirsty as there is another "Tea" quote in there LOL. This still needs further work but I'm not sure what just yet

This was actually the first page using doodles to frame the page and our new alphabet skills - yes we learned to write!
As you can see I really did manage to produce pages in an actual book - even though it is only an A6 one! Ive also got some stunning backgrounds prepared using paints and gorgeous inks and stencils/ masks but I wont bore you with them today!
So Folks whats rockin your world today??


  1. Fabulous pages...luv 'em!
    xoxo Sioux :)

  2. Stunning! please do not change a thing. Give Michelle a hug for me and have a cracking week. xx Zoe

  3. Gorgeous Janet - it never ceases to amaze me how different everyone's pages turned out! Yours are all gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Hi Janet, your Jigsaw piece is finished, hope you like it, should be with you in a couple of days


  5. Wow, those pages are wonderful! Love those vibrant colours. And your What's Rocking 'happies' are great! x

  6. Love this piece lovely colours and great effects. Enjoy reading your lists and think it helps us all to appreciate the good things in every day a great source of thought - enjoy your holiday I have a few more weeks to wait

    Hugs Kate xx

  7. gorgeous gorgeous journal pages so wonderful

  8. Hi Janet
    Your pages are gorgeous! Loving the orange and the contrast green - great combination. Have a great break form work and make the most of all that creating time! x x

  9. Janet....!!! I'm speechless! These are just completely out of this world!! OMG, I sooooo wish I could do stuff like this - FANTASTIC mate!!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend - it sounds loads of fun!! Hugs xxx

  10. Love your pages Janet, they look so well finished. Can't wait to see what you write on them!
    x Michelle


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