Friday, 21 May 2010


Scrapbooking is where I began crafting - I still get a thrill from my own layouts - its hard not to especially when you are scrapbooking the past. These first two are of my middle son James around the same time '96ish.
He has always been photogenic even though these are just snaps I love them.

And this - wow this is me BM - before marriage - oh she of the huge glasses LOL!
These are the LOs I did at the crop last Saturday - I really should do more as it was fun!
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  1. Love the LOs Janet. Love the glasses too - think we all had them at that time - and yes, I've done a LO of mine!
    Sue xx

  2. Fab work - love the glasses - lol.
    Ann xxx

  3. Great LOs Janet. These glasses made me smile as we have been looking at some old slides recently having bought this machine which scans them so you can put them on the PC. I have some very similar glasses in some of the pics. Don't they look huge now. My hubby says they are my Sophia Loren glasses. Thanks for you encouragement re my LO. Marianne x

  4. Loving the layouts - I started in scrapbooking and always love going back and doing a page!

  5. Great to see you still do scrapbooking Janet. Love the glasses - I had some very similar except they were bright blue!! Very Sue Pollard! Hope you're well. xx

  6. Love them, great pages. Annette x

  7. I didn't know you were a scrapbboker, Janet. These are great. You are very brave using photos from the old days, I think I've burnt all the photos of me back then!!!!! Too scary even to think about. I thonk I had some of those glasses too!!!
    I love scrapbooking and it's still what I do most of.
    Have a great weekend.


  8. Wonderful pages Janet, interesting to see how your scrapbooking style has changed this time. Have a look back at the last page you did then at these. It's interesting how using different ideas in crafting influence the ideas you have for pages.
    x Michelle

  9. Fabulous LOs and photos too! I had glasses like those as well!!! Isn't it funny how specs have got so much smaller over the years


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