Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Negatives and positives

After hardly any sleep Monday night - yesterday was a baaaaddd day. Without moaning I will leave it at that! Couldnt sleep well last night either so have eventually got up and started what was going to be a wall hanging but has turned out to be journalling.

As always I have journalled on the back which for once I will share.
"Orange for looking on the bright side. Purple for reflection and thought.
It is essential not to get bogged down with negativity from others or within - it can disable the mind, body and soul. Learn to say No, take a step back, pause, reflect then carry on - Lesson's I would like to try and live by from now on."
For the first time I have added some doodling around the edges and the stamp text. At first I thought I had spoiled it but as it has dried more I don't think it looks too bad. All these are TH stamps - his text seemed to fit my mood exactly!
Leaving the negative on the page and moving on-
I have made this as a gift for one of you lovely folks who said they would decorate a jigsaw piece for me. So who wants it? If you are still up for altering it for me please email me here .
Sherry I would love to do one for you too x If anyone would like me to make them something different then let me know that too - I think you know my stamp collection quite well by now LOL.
Hope today is a brighter day for everyone including me xx


  1. Love them both Janet.
    Sue xx

  2. Fabulous both of them Janet. Love the journaling - we do so need to focus on the positive. If there is still a jigsaw piece going I'll have a go.
    x Michelle

  3. Think you already have my addy, send me a jigsaw piece when your ready


  4. Hope things are improving for you today. Love the positive vibe.
    Pat xx

  5. Sorry to hear you've been having a difficult time of it Janet. Your journalling is brilliant. I just love that man with the umbrella stamp. You must have been creating this at the same time of night as I was decorating a Wedding Cake, what would we do in the small hours without our craft!!
    Your second hanging is gorgeous too.
    Take care


  6. Positive thoughts and peace hun. Hope a better nights sleep finds you next time. Fabulous art work. (((Hugs)))

  7. Hope you get a decent night tonight, hun. Your pieces are stunning. I tend to lose my mojo if I have too little sleep. I'm envious that you can do this!

  8. Wonderful pieces, both of them. I love the sentiment on the first, one we would all do well to take to heart. I so sympathise with your sleepless nights - I know all about those too. Like Sally, I'm envious that you can produce such great work with lack of sleep. When I can't sleep, my mojo certainly does! Hope you have better times ahead.

  9. Gorgeous artwork. Hope thing are on the mend for you, hugs.

  10. this is so cool my friend,you will be fine I SAID SO and i need you to make me laugh, luv georginaxx


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