Thursday, 27 May 2010

So did I do it?

atcs done - check
baby card done - check
Christmas cards done- check
TYI dt for the weekend done - check
Wall hanging - check
Twinchie - check
Hurrah yes all done!
So I cant share them all so here is the wall hanging - I had real fun with this those papers from Graphic 45 are fabulous to deal with. I did struggle getting the right shade of red but Im hoping it doesnt stand out too much!

The papers are from a range called Domestic Goddes LOL!
Ive used mountbard for both pieces and used ribbon to tie them.

It goes really well in the red sitting room (we still have not decorated it been here since April 2007!). I had a pajama day yesterday so when OH came home and said have you no clothes clean? I pointed to the wall hanging - "say no more" he said chuckling. I had however done a full chicken roast dinner so he couldnt complain too much lol.
Today is my last shift until 7th June Hurrah! I love my job but time off is brilliant too. In fact yesterday seemed doubly special as it was a work day - the course I was on was cancelled at the last minute so I got paid for being at home LOL. The downside is of course when it is rescheduled i will have to work it and not be paid but yesterday that was far from my mind as I inked, smeared, cut and pasted with all my stuff. Great!
Just realised I was going to show you some pages from the weekend - I will I promise. I have a bumper post tomorrow - DS2 needs picking up from UNI in Uxbridge by 10am on Saturday so we are dring half way tomorrow night and staying at Tims sisters overnight then having an early start to get there for 9am to empty his room - phew its going to be busy. So tomorrow I will be scheduling weekend posts as we wont be back till late afternoon on Sunday. DS1 finishes the weekend after. 5th June sees his official presentation of his dissertation then thats it Uni finished for him. He loves being a student and has always enjoyed reading since he got his first board book at 6 months so I suspect there will be much more studying in his life. He has worked so hard and not always found making his own way in the world easy but he makes me very proud - they both do. So both my boys will be home for the summer and the house will once again be buzzing and musical as James continues with his 5 hours of music practice a day - I cant fault his enthusiasm for his chosen study at all - he works so hard. The only downside for this non domestic goddess is the laundry............
Happy Thursday folks x Janet


  1. Oh bless ya .. you have worked you little fingers to the bone havent ya!
    And you will start when the boys return ( washing), but as you say.. the house will come alive with music.
    Loving this , I think I need one .. get me out of loads of trouble.. just love this so much , and me to a Tee.

  2. Love it Janet!
    My DS has just finished his end of year exams. Results next month. He's staying in Bristol until July as doesn't need to leave his flat until 8th - so this non domestic goddess has a bit longer without the washing!
    Sue xx

  3. wow fabulous, love the detail on this piece and so pleased your check list is complete
    Kate xx

  4. Love the wallhanging, terrific. Annette x

  5. I absolutely LOVE THIS Janet it looks brilliant on here but in real life it is totally awesome!!!!!! I want one :)
    x Michelle


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