Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sunny Derbyshire

So we have just spent a couple of days at my SILs home whilst Hubby did the run down to Uxbridge to pick up no 2 son. This is their gorgeous garden this morning.
Each corner has a place to soak up the sun as it moves around the garden - it really is beautiful.

These poppies were glorious!

And here is No 2 son James with Auntie Linda. Yes he looks every inch the student doesnt he?? You should see the washing pile now LOL. As I type I am being treated to his scales practice from above me. He tells me he is going to do some summer busking in Skipton so needs to perfect a routine. I hope the visitors to Skipton like Jazz with the odd bit of blues!
Hope you have had a great weekend too!


  1. how lovely janet.Your son looks cool!!!lol, you must be proud. if i see him busking in skipton I'll chuck a fiver in!!!lol
    love debbie xxxx

  2. It is a beautiful garden, and we had the treat of sunshine for most of the day in Notts too. It's good to have them home isn't it? Even if the washing triples in size!

  3. Don't envy you the washing Janet!
    Your DS looks cool - wish him luck for his busking.
    Sue xx

  4. Oooh, I would like the jazz! Good luck with the've gotta love those uni students haven't you - they'd probably go naked before wash for themselves!
    x x

  5. It's a beautiful garden, Janet. I shall be looking out for your handsome son next time we're in Skipton!!
    Hugs Lisax

  6. Lovely garden! Bet it's great to have your son home not sure about the washing though.


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